First activity with baby should be memorable – environment is key

Posted by on Aug 30, 2017 in Latest News | 0 comments

As a new mum, you discover there is a whole new world of activities to do with baby. As baby massage classes can be taken from when baby is around 5-6 weeks old, it’s generally the first baby activity mums sign up to so naturally, this should be a positive memorable experience as you ease into the realm of motherhood. Traditionally classes are held in church halls or community centres, which are great venues for many classes, but not always conducive for baby massage. Baby lies on a mat, which is on the floor and you’re sitting on the floor – these halls are multi purpose and although well maintained, they’re not thoroughly cleaned and often with strong smells, especially if you plonk yourself near the toilet door.  Main halls can be huge vacuous places with high ceilings and often with draughts and the temperature cannot be controlled which should be around 24 degrees. You’re removing baby’s clothes and they need to be warm and comfortable and not stressed.

I remember taking baby massage classes with my baby almost 10 years ago – it was memorable but for the wrong reason. Although I enjoyed learning the massage, so much so it’s now become my job, the experience and the classes were not that good.  It was cold, uncomfortable and completely impersonable.  When I started teaching my classes, I took all this into consideration. I wanted to provide a wonderful experience, not just an activity but as a special time to be enjoyed.  The environment is crucial, ensuring it’s a clean, calm, welcoming and warm space. Mums need to feel comfortable and relaxed. I have a studio in my garden, which is homely, tranquil and intimate. Because of it’s size, my classes are small groups, with a maximum of seven mums/babies. Most importantly, each class ends with a nice cup of tea and a homemade piece of cake, making it extra special. Mums work hard and deserve a treat. Often, it’s the only hot cup of tea they have and the cake is their breakfast, which is not ideal. This is enjoyed at the end of the class when mums can get the opportunity to chat with other mums and share experiences.