Baby reflexology classes launch

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I wanted to start 2018 with something new so I’m thrilled to announce, that I’m launching my new offering for parents teaching techniques of baby reflexology.

The therapeutic touch of baby reflexology compliments baby massage and baby yoga. Many mums who have attended my classes strongly believe in reflexology and its healing effects. A number of mums took reflexology for themselves to help them with infertility issues, for relaxation and other ailments. These same Mums want to pass onto their little ones the same healing effect, so having the opportunity to learn the basic skills of reflexology to perform on their baby, gives them empowerment to be able to help their baby and offer relief when nothing else seems to work.

Reflex points on hands and feet represent areas of the body, Reflexologists work on these points to help balance the body and reduce a number of conditions. Reflexology is especially good for babies as they enjoy the calming gentle touch and relieve conditions such colic, reflux, wind, constipation as well as those who have experienced a traumatic birth.

Reflexology and massage offer similar benefits, but sometimes if baby is suffering with a condition they may not want to be massaged or touched in the sensitive area, therefore, applying gentle pressure on the relevant reflex points on their foot or hand can offer relief.  Having the understanding and knowledge to apply an alternative caring solution will help parents too.

Parents do not need to visit a Reflexologist, but can learn the basic skills themselves, from a qualified instructor, and gain an understanding of the areas of the body that are reflected on the feet. The beauty of reflexology, is it’s easy to learn, quick to apply and doesn’t require the removal of clothes, other than socks and can be done anywhere. We use organic sunflower massage oil which is lovely on baby’s skin and a bottle is given to parents who attend the course.

I took my instructors qualification earlier in the year with Sarah Jones from Mind Body and Sole, who is a wonderful Holistic Therapist and I’m now I’m delighted to be able to widen my provision by teaching loving techniques to parents.  Classes will run over a four week course and take place in a small tranquil, unique, intimate space. The small sized group making it perfect to meet other parents and make new friends. Ending each class with tea and homemade treat gives it an extra special touch and a treat each parent deserves!

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