Best massage oils to use?

Posted by on Feb 2, 2018 in Latest News | 0 comments

The sense of touch is important for babies, this is form of communication and massage releases oxytocin from them and the caregiver, which reduces stress and promote relaxation. So it’s essential to use the most conducive oils for massage, enhancing the pleasurable experience for parent and baby, as it soothes them whilst nourishing their delicate soft skin.

The most suitable oils to use are pure, cold pressed, which means the oil has been extracted without any heat and slower process, therefore, maintaining the goodness within the oil. Vegetable or fruit based oils are best, organic even better as this will have minimal preservatives. Exception to this would be to the use olive oil, recent studies have shown that olive oil can break down the skin barrier and best to avoid. And nut based oils should only be used if there is no family member with a nut allergy. Many practitioners use coconut oil for massage, and it does smell divine, however, it can be cooling to the skin. Other baby oil and lotion products are advised to avoid as these contain too many preservatives which blocks the pores and dries out the skin.

For my classes, I use a premium organic sunflower massage oil, with vitamin E, which contains antioxidant properties that can help baby’s sensitive skin. This oil is non-greasy, easily absorbed and has minimal aroma. Every parent that books onto baby massage or baby reflexology courses receives a 50ml bottle, which lasts them throughout the course and beyond. It’s always a tell-tale sign of how much they been practicing massage to how much oil they have used throughout the week!  It’s lovely to use on baby’s skin, it’s warming so it feels nice as parent massages their little one and can be good to use if they have a touch of cradle cap, mild eczema  or any dry skin, which they often get with external pollutants and central heating.  If a baby has eczema or severe skin irritation they would be advised to use their medicated lotion, and the practice of massage is a nice way to administer the lotion.  For the oil, we massage their hands and fingers, hands go into their mouth – but as there is no taste to the oil and it’s fine to ingest. I would say other baby oil products will not taste so nice!

So with the right oil performing massage with baby can feel warming and lovely for both parent and baby. See more about the next baby massage and baby reflexology classes.