The need to eat well

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Importance of healthy eating as a new mum

Despite all the preparation and sensibly eating the right foods during pregnancy, becoming a mother is suddenly overwhelming with a new little person to look after, all the time!  New mums can easily forget about looking after themselves, and it’s at this time, you need to look after yourself and ensure you eat, let alone eat properly. Sleep deprivation and exhaustion can take hold, but eating balanced, nutrient-rich foods is key to ensuring you’re healthy and ready to keep going, physically and mentally. If you’re breastfeeding, giving your baby a healthy start is important. Your body uses the the fat stores from pregnancy, but you need more calories (around 330 more) to ensure your milk is at its best.

When looking after a newborn, it can be really difficult to prepare food and meals that are healthy. Your mind is only occupied with baby and you feel it’s impossible to function. It’s too easy to just grab biscuits, crisps and sweets. But eating sensibly will make you feel better and give you fuel and energy, which in turn will promote mental health. Even making a cup of tea can seem an impossible task, and then you do it’s cold by the time you get to drink it. At the end of my classes, I offer mums a cup of tea, which is always welcome, and a little homemade treat, cookie or cake. I’m always slightly concerned at those mums who eat the cake as their breakfast!

I’m not a cook (my husband is the cook in our family!), but I can do easy-to-do-recipes. I like making food that I can box up left overs, which are perfect then for later quick meals. Porridge is the perfect breakfast in my opinion. It’s healthy, with lots of fibre, cheap, fills you up for the morning and easy to make. I make it on the hob with milk, but it’s easy enough to do in the microwave or to buy to ready to ones. It can be made with water if you’re avoiding dairy. Adding fruit and honey gives it sweetness and it’s delicious!

Making soup is another winner for me. I love homemade soup, and can be another way to of getting your all important vegetables and nutrients. Plus it’s within my cooking capabilities. Again, fills you up and if you make a lot, batch up in containers and just pull out of the freezer and reheat when you need it. Just simply, fry onion and veg, add stock, cook up and whizz up in the food processor or hand blender. Add a bit of seasoning, such as ground cumin – yum. My favourite is and sweet potato and red lentil soup.

So remember, eating right doesn’t have to be dull or difficult, just make sure you eat right and not too many empty calories! But you can enjoy a piece of cake at my class!

BBC Good Food has a good article about eating well whilst breastfeeding and useful tips and ideas for what to eat.