Why baby yoga?

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The style of baby yoga taught is based on Hatha yoga – the union of balance of body and mind. We also incorporate dry massage, soft stretches and gentle movements making is a appropriate for babies, ensuring it’s a fun and rewarding experience for both parent and baby.

Classes can be taken from around 12 weeks, or at least when they can hold their own head up.  Younger babies can join and we can adapt some of the moves, however the minimum age would be 8 weeks.  Because yoga is quite interactive, you will find it benefits babies when they’re a little older.

Baby yoga is an interactive routine performed with a baby. Mums help baby into carefully developed movements that work well for baby’s tender body. The movements include gentle stretching of the limbs, practice of breathing by imitating their mothers breathing patterns.

Baby yoga has similar benefits with that of baby massage, including:

  • relief of ailments such as colic, reflux, constipation and wind
  • stimulation of the digestive system and circulatory system
  • relaxing and calming for both baby and yourself
  • improve sleep patterns
  • further develop bonding and communication

Yoga helps blockages of tension in the body. Tension can block the flow of energy and cause the body to tighten and become painful. For example, a colicky baby may have tension in the digestive system. Baby yoga can help relieve this.  Practicing baby yoga may have many benefits for babies. Here are just a few of the benefits you may see.

  •  Aids in strengthening the spine
  • Improves muscle condition
  • Imparts flexibility of the joints
  • Improves breathing and oxygen intake
  • Improves balance and co-ordination
  • Develops physical confidence, spatial and body awareness
  • Calms and relaxes both mother and baby
  • Improves relaxation and encouraging sleep for longer


The relationship of baby massage & baby yoga

Baby yoga, which complements infant massage, offer quality physical stimulation including flowing postures, holding, movement, touch, voice and deep relaxation. It includes happy, care free and lively parent-infant interaction which develops as babies grow.

Baby yoga helps improve postures and offers physical stimulation allowing babies to strengthen their spines and develop, supple healthy joints.

Baby massage and baby yoga are highly complementary activities. Baby massage stimulates the baby and encourages the muscles to warm up and relax. This in turn makes the muscles more flexible – decreasing the possibility of over stretching. The dry massage and soft stretching sections within the yoga routine act as a perfect warm up.

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