How much is a course?

The 5-week baby massage course cost £50. This includes a complementary bottle of organic sunflower oil, detailed course notes with diagrams, instructions and songs and refreshments. I provide mats and towels for your baby to lie on.  The cost of the baby yoga course is £45 and baby reflexology is £40. A discount of 5% is applied for parents who have taken the baby massage course with Appleton Baby Massage. We end the class with a cuppa and cake.

How are the classes structured?

Baby massage: The course is run as a 5 week course, each week we will massage on one area of the body and gradually introduce new strokes. The first week we’ll massage legs and feet. The legs are the least sensitive and babies are used to having their legs touched from nappy change. We shall then work our way up the body each week. We shall recap the sequences each week, so don’t worry if you miss anything. You will also be given handouts each week with simple diagrams, instruction and the songs. We will sing songs and rhymes to some of the sequences which the babies will enjoy. I do most of the singing…so you don’t have to join in, only if you feel comfortable!

We sit on the floor, on a rug, and your babies will lie on a mat with a towel, which I provide.  You are provided with a bottle of organic sunflower massage oil, which is yours to keep and will last you throughout the course and beyond. To massage, you will need to remove the baby’s clothes, but the room will be warm and you only need to remove the clothing of the area we are massaging. The room is warm at the optimum temperature for massage. We finish the class with a cuppa and  a chat.

Baby yoga: Like massage, run as  a 5 week course. Each week you will learn around eight new gentle moves. We will practice moves on different areas of the body and some we will review and progress. Each move is accompanied with rhymes and songs to make it more fun.  We will also do a couple of stretches to help you too.  You will receive handouts each week with photos, instruction and songs.  You will be provided with yoga mats and a cushion for support and a towel to lie baby on.

Baby reflexology: The course runs over 4 weeks. We start with a relaxation sequence applied to each foot. Then each week we learn techniques on different areas of the foot, and review what was learnt from previous weeks, gradually building up the touch. We end with tea, cake and chat. Detailed notes and foot charts are included as well as a bottle of organic massage oil. Babies will lie on towels and mats and no clothes need to be removed during the class.

What will I gain from the baby massage course?

Baby massage is much more than simply relaxing with your baby, it is a way of communication with senses of smell, touch, sight and sound. There is much benefit from massage. It will teach you an enjoyable routine which you can cherish and do together for years to come. You will learn the principles of baby massage in a social environment, and you will learn from an instructor how to apply the strokes in a structured easy to follow process.

How old should my baby be to start baby massage classes?

Classes are suitable for babies from around 5-6 weeks up until they’re crawling. Basically, whenever you feel you ready to leave the house and join an activity – it’s a great starting class to venture out with your baby. Normally mums feel they’re ready to face the world at around 6-weeks, especially if you’ve not been able to drive following birth. Once babies are crawling, it’s difficult for them to keep still and just want to be off – but baby massage is something you can continue for a long time.

How old should my baby be to start baby yoga?

I would normally suggest from around 12 weeks, or at least when they can hold their own head up, if younger I can adapt the moves to suit. No younger than 8 weeks old.

Do you need to have taken the baby massage before taking baby yoga?

No, you do not need to take baby massage classes prior to baby yoga.

Do I need to have practiced yoga before taking baby yoga?

No, I am not teaching adult yoga and just teaching suitable gentle moves for your baby. You do not need to have done yoga before.

Is the instructor qualified to teach baby massage, baby yoga and baby reflexology?

Yes, I am the only teacher and this is my business. I am fully qualified. My baby massage and baby yoga certification is with a training provider called hands on babies, who is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.  Baby reflexology qualification with Mind, Body & Sole taken.  I am also fully insured.

What days are the classes?

Classes will run on the same day for 5 weeks, and the course must be booked in advance. Class days and times will vary, so check the website for updates.  I also run baby massage refresher classes for those who have completed the course and would to recap on the massage sequences. I update the website with scheduled course dates. If you want a private one to one class or group class, this can be at a time convenient to you. Get in touch to discuss.

Can I just turn up to a class without booking a course?

I’m afraid the classes are not drop in classes as they are structured  and it’s essential that you book a course as the classes run as a course of 5 week sessions.  The number of people in a class is limited, so adviseable to book as soon as you feel ready to do a course.

Can I take a taster class?

I sometimes run taster sessions, my website, Facebook and Twitter feeds will have updates. I’m afraid because of the structure of the short course, I am unable to offer a taster class.

How many are in each class?

For comfort for you and the babies, the maximum number of parent/babies for each class at my home is seven. At InHale Yoga the limit is 13.

How long does each class last?

It can last up to an hour and a half, depending on how long the discussion at the end is.

I have twins, can I still attend the class?

Yes, if you can bring along another caregiver, such as Dad or Grandparent and you can massage each baby.  Additional baby is charged at 50% discount.

What do I need to bring?

Your baby! And anything you need for them such as bottles and nappies.   I will provide a towel for them to lie on, but you might want to bring your own so the baby is familiar with the smell. Everything is washed and cleaned, so no need to worry.

What if my baby cries

Babies do cry and it is perfectly OK. Massage should not be performed on a baby that’s crying, you can comfort, feed, walk around with your baby if they’re upset.  Once they have settled and have given you the cue that they’re happy you can continue.  We will recap on the sequences each week and you will be given notes, so you will not miss out. Likewise with yoga, we do not practice yoga on babies that cry.

What if my baby is asleep

I would suggest not to wake your baby if they’re asleep when you arrive, we shouldn’t massage or practice yoga on a sleeping baby. You can sit and observe and perhaps use the demonstration doll to practice the strokes. Again, we will recap each week and you will be given notes.

What if we cannot make a class one week?

Unfortunately, I cannot offer a refund  but I will recap each sequence each week, so you will not miss out on any of the strokes and you will be given detailed notes of the strokes.

What if my baby has a cold, can I still bring them?

Babies will pick up colds, if your baby just has the sniffles, by all means bring them along. If your baby does have a heavy cold, or you have a heavy cold, please avoid bringing you baby to avoid passing onto other babies. The same if they have conjunctivitis.

Can I can bring the Dad or Grandparent along to massage them too?

It is best to only have one parent performing the massage on the baby. The point is to bond with your baby and an additional caregiver massaging may too much stimulation for the baby. But if a family member or friend wish to come along, they would be welcome to sit back on the sofa. Just let me know that you would be bringing someone.

Can Dads do the massage class?

Of course! It’s not just for mums.  Dads can certainly take the class. If there is a demand I can offer Dads only classes…watch this space.

Can I continue class once the course has finished?

The classes give you a social activity as well as learning a skill with your baby. Once you have completed the baby massage course, you can come along to the refresher classes where I will recap the whole body massage, this is held once a month. I keep mums, who have completed the course, posted with dates. Also posted on my Facebook page and Twitter feed.