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The classes for baby massage , baby yoga and baby reflexology are small group classes and are run from m home studio in Appleton, South Warrington, WA4 (map) and massage and reflexology run at InHale Yoga Studio, in Hale, Cheshire (map). room layout_2016 _slider


My studio is a tranquil, unique and intimate space, which is warm and comfortable and of course clean, where you will feel instantly relaxed and calm. There is a sofa if you need to sit back with your baby. Class sizes are small, allowing you the chance to get to know other mums.  I am located in a cul-de-sac and there is ample parking.  Please be aware that there are steps that lead up to the studio.

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InHale Yoga is located in the heart of the village of Hale. The studio is a lovely, calm space with natural lighting. Of course warm and clean for your baby. Again, the class size is kept small. The studio is on the first floor and there is a staircase leading up to the studio.


The cost of the course is £50 in Appleton and £52 in Hale, for the 5-week course. This includes a premium bottle of organic sunflower massage oil; comprehensive weekly course notes with diagrams; instructions and songs, plus tea and a homemade treat to finish the class, which a perfect way to get to know other mums.  And I know how hard it is to actually get to drink a hot cup of tea when you have a baby! We recap what we’ve learnt each week, so if you miss anything, don’t worry you won’t miss out. If you book massage, yoga and reflexology, discounts will be applied. This is a structured 5 week course, gradually building up the strokes each week. Bookings are essential and you book for the course which is paid for in full at the start of the course.

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Thursday 17 January, 10.30am :: Appleton 

Friday 18 January, 11.30am :: InHale Yoga, Hale (course full, register to be on the waiting list)

Tuesday 26 February, 1.30pm :: Appleton

Friday 1 March, 11.30am :: InHale Yoga, Hale

More courses will be scheduled, get in touch to register interest or to be placed on the waiting list.

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If you have a group of friends that would like to book a private course together or you would like a one to one session, please get in touch.


There is a yoga mat for you to lie your baby on and for you to sit on, with a cushion for support.  We will perform  some simple, gentle yoga poses throughout the course and the moves are accompanied with some simple songs and rhymes. Please bear in mind, I am only teaching baby yoga and not adult yoga.

Classes last about an hour with time to have a cup of tea and a natter at the end of session.  Take a look at the frequently asked questions page which give more information about the classes. Classes are small so it’s easy to get to know other mums and share experiences of motherhood. Both massage and yoga includes important tea and cake, detailed course notes. Booking is essential for the 5 week course, the course is structured to build up confidence with the moves, however you can join mid-course and catch up on another course. And if you miss a class you can take a catch up classes on another course, space permitting.

Cost is £45, receive a 5% discount if you book a yoga course following massage or reflexology, or vice versa.

Baby yoga is taught by another provider at InHale Studio.

If you have a group of friends that would like to book a private course together or you would like a one to one session, please get in touch.

Courses are currently in progress. 

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Interested in later courses? Get in touch to register interest.


Suitable from birth, however, I suggest classes from around 5 weeks, when they are feeding and sleeping a little less and their feet are a little bigger. This course runs over 4 weeks, learning different techniques each week. Mats and towels are provided, and there is no need to remove baby’s clothes, only their socks, so dress them in footless sleepsuits or trousers. A bottle of organic oil is given to you at the start of the course. Detailed notes are provided each week. You will learn about the practice of reflexology and comprehensive information about the effects. We start with a relaxation sequence with rhymes and then move onto learn pressure applications. Classes last around an hour and end with tea, homemade treat and chat. No need to have completed massage or yoga, but all compliment each other. If you miss a class, we review what we learnt and always notes. Find out more about baby reflexology.

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Cost is £40 for 4 week course. This includes a bottle of organic premium sunflower massage oil, detailed weekly notes and information about the practice of reflexology, mats and towels and refreshments. Receive a 5% discount if you book a reflexology course following massage or yoga, or vice versa. 

Friday 18 January 1pm :: InHale Yoga Hale

Wednesday 23 January 10.30am :: Home studio, Appleton

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If you have a group of friends or an NCT antenatal group that would like to book a private course together or you would like a one to one session, please get in touch.