Emma& Baby Alfie, Aug 2018

We had a fabulous time at both baby massage and baby yoga building my confidence with my little one and making some amazing new mummy friends. Susan was fantastic, so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and thoughtful alongside offering a rare warm and intimate environment that helped make our experience so special.

Ruth & Baby Audrey, July 2018

We had a brilliant private hour long baby massage session at home to introduce some basic baby massage strokes. Audrey was born very premature and Susan was really sensitive to the issues that causes and accommodated all of Audrey’s needs. The massage left Audrey calm and relaxed and I have felt confident to repeat the exercises ourselves to positive effect. Highly recommended!

Hannah & Baby Jack, May 2018

Thank you for the massage course, it was great to see Jack really relax and go in to some sort of baby trance during the massage, he’s never been one for staying still so it was lovely to see him so obviously relaxed.

Becs & Baby Josh, Hale, April 2018

The classes have been really great for my little boy! The atmosphere is really welcoming and friendly. Even if your baby cries or wants fed (which can happen!) it’s nice to be there and learn some nice massages to do at home. I loved the oils we were provided with (I ended up buying a load more) and I was sad when the course ended!”

Jenna & Baby Noah, December 2017

We completed a massage and yoga course with Susan. They really were excellent! It was so hard to find things to do when the babies are so small and these courses were fab. Susan is wonderful and gives you the confidence and techniques to continue at home. My sister also attended with her twins and all three babies loved it. Susan was very accommodating and helped with the twins. Lastly the tea and cake at the end was lovely! It gave you chance to sit and relax, feed and chat where other classes I have attended don’t allow for this. I couldn’t recommend Susan’s classes enough. I’ve passed her details on to anyone I know who is pregnant!

Emily & Baby Hayden, July 2017

Hayden and I have been to both the yoga and the massage and loved both! Bit gutted it’s over. Really enjoyable and relaxing plus a hot cup of tea and a piece of delicious home made cake at the end which is always a winner! Thanks Susan! X


Laura & baby Isla, March 2017

Isla and I have absolutely loved both massage and yoga courses. You’ve got such a fantastic set up, I don’t think we’ll find another class that quite matches up.

Kate & baby Harry, February 2017

Me and my little boy have recently attended baby massage, absolutely loved this class. Susan is amazing, the studio is great and a lovely group of mums and babies too. We loved the class so much we have booked onto baby yoga. Highly recommend to everyone. Thank you so much Susan.

Selina & baby Eliza, September 2016

A big thank you for teaching us massage and yoga. It was lovely to come to the classes and we learnt so much. Eliza is very happy and relaxed as a result! The tea and cakes were lovely too.

Helen & baby Thomas, August 2016

Myself and my baby recently attended both the baby massage and the baby yoga classes, and we really enjoyed them. So much so that we we did the yoga classes a 2nd time! Susan is super lovely and the classes are fantastic. Great way to bond with your baby and the yoga is brilliant to help with their development. We also met some other lovely mummies and babies too! Thanks Susan x

Tina & baby Ellen, July 2016

We really enjoyed the baby massage and the yoga, it was very beneficial for Ellen and for me too as a new mum. I will be posting positive feedback and would recommend your courses to others.

Gemma & baby Violet, June 2016

We had a great 5 weeks with Susan and some lovely mummies and babies. The studio is gorgeous, it’s quiet and intimate so not too overwhelming for babies. I liked how we built up the time spent on massage as the weeks went on, covering a new body area each session and building up babies tolerance. Will definitely be back for baby yoga when I can fit it into our busy baby schedule! Thanks Susan

Emma Jayne & baby Jasmine, March 2016

Thank you for two really enjoyable courses. The home studio is a such unique environment and you really do deliver a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere there. I’d be delighted to recommend you to other mums with little ones as I enjoyed both the message and yoga as much as Jas did!

Rebecca & baby Nathaniel, Feb 2016

We recently finished the baby massage course, it was wonderful and we continue to do it at home, I’ve just booked us on the baby yoga class. Would highly recommend.

Natasha and baby Zachary, Oct 2015

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful course. We really enjoyed it and the tummy strokes especially are having a positive impact.

Sarah & baby Harry, July 2015

Thank you for two lovely courses for Harry and I to attend. We have both really enjoyed them and it’s been lovely continuing with the massage and yoga at home

Katrina & baby Miciah, May 2015

What will we do now? Miciah and I got so much out of the massage and yoga sessions. Looking forward to the refresher sessions.

Yvonne & baby Ada-May, May, 2015

We enjoyed massage and yoga with you. The tea and cake were divine! Also nice to meet and develop friendships with new mums and their babies. I will be spreading the word xx

Anna & baby Harriet, February, 2015

Thank you for the lovely baby massage course. We have both really enjoyed it and look forward to practicing at home.

Helen & baby Louis, November 2014

Thanks for two wonderful courses. Louis and I have loved the massage and yoga. It has been great to return for a second time.

Sarah & baby Clara, November 2014

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful baby massage and yo9a classes. We enjoyed them and will continue at home. We will miss you and our weekly sessions, and the tea & cake!

Steph & baby Barklie, July 2014

Thank you so much for the wonderful baby massage classes! Barklie and I have thoroughly enjoyed them and you’ve given us a wonderful skill to continue and enjoy! Thank you.

new mum, July 2014

Thank you for the classes and your guidance. It has really helped me with these past few weeks. I feel I have really bonded with my baby and this has helped immensely with my postnatal depression.

Liz & baby Theo, June 2014

Thanks again for the superb baby massage course which we  loved and looked forward to each week.  Theo was always so relaxed during and afterwards as I was too.  It was also a lovely way to meet other mums and have a chat over a cup of tea and your delicious cake.  We’re making sure we keep up with the practice.

Annie & baby Sienna

Thank you Susan for a wonderful time.  Sienna and I enjoyed both massage and yoga courses, but we enjoyed your tea and cakes too! Yum!

Sarah & baby Jessica, Mar 2014

Jess and I have enjoyed the baby massage and baby yoga classes so much and we are certainly going to miss it and the gorgeous cosy room. Not to mention the yummy treat at the end! Love the relaxed environment and the chats at the end of the sessions. Picked up lots of tips from other mums and Susan has heaps of knowledge.

Nili & baby Akshay, Oct 2013

I just want to say that I’ve done baby massage and baby yoga and thoroughly enjoy the special bonding time these sessions give me with my baby. I’ve made a wonderful group of friends thanks to you and your sweet treats at the end of each class are just amazing! You’re a wonderful person Susan. Keep up your good work

Thank you so much for everything! We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lynwen & baby Gethin, October 2013

I found the course extremely beneficial. The songs are good and the setting is calm. You also take a genuine interest in mums and babies.

Jasmine & baby Andrew, Sept 2013

We had a lovely time doing this baby massage course. This was so worth the money and would highly recommend it to others, the room is a lovely setting for the group and Susan was great, friendly very welcoming and knowledgeable. Groups are small, which was great as we really got to know each other easily. Also gorgeous cakes/biscuits offered after the baby massage and time for a chat with the other mums was really nice too. Really gutted when this course came to an end!! Compared to a free baby massage class I had previously attended there was a vast difference, this group was fab!

Anika & baby Misha, Sept 2013

Really enjoyed the course in the relaxing surroundings and a great tutor, thank you Susan, not to forget some great tea, cake and chat with the other mums! would highly recommend the course to other mums looking to learn something a bit different and get bonding with their babies.

Annette & baby Scarlett, July 2013

Had a great time on this course, Susan is lovely would definitely recommend 🙂 it’s very chilled and informal and a nice location.

Sara & baby Rose, June 2013

Rose and I have really enjoyed the class; it has been the highlight of our week and Tuesdays won’t be the same now. Who will make cakes for me and bring me tea now?!

Julie & baby Elizabeth, May 2013

Thank you very much for the baby massage sessions. Elizabeth and I have really enjoyed them and my husband is keen to learn them, so we will certainly be continuing to practise it all. I will recommend your group to anyone I know.

Helen & baby William, Mar 2013

After William was born I was keen to find a local baby massage class having read about its many benefits. I was pleased to find local classes available with Appleton Baby Massage. The atmosphere created at Susan’s home was warm, nurturing and friendly and this enabled a special time to learn a skill to benefit us both. William now kicks his legs excitedly when I do the massage cue and I get lots of smiles and giggles from him. He enjoys the songs to go with each massage and I think I know his favourites. Afterwards we are both more calm and relaxed having shared a special bonding time. As well as the massage skills learnt during the course it was great to have tea, homemade cake and a chat with Susan and the other mums and the end of each class. This added extra was such a luxury in our busy week!

Jolene & baby Finlay, Dec 2012

I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my baby from the start of the sessions to the last one! As soon as he sees the massage cue, his face smiles and he stretches out his legs! The oil used is amazing, it leaves his skin so soft and smooth and it’s nice to know it’s not full of chemicals and 100% natural. I feel the massage sessions have furthered our bond and I’ve been able to show the massage to his brother so it has increased their bond too. All in all I would recommend Susan and baby massage to expectant or new mummy.

Cate & baby Joshua, Feb 2013

Thank you for an excellent course and cakes! Really enjoyed learning the massage, meeting new people And the chance to chat afterwards. My baby loves his massages and it really helps to settle him down. I’m sad that the course is over!