Why baby reflexology?

Baby reflexology is another form of therapeutic touch for your baby with lots of benefits to calm them. The application of touch is suited the feet of babies. Every area of the body is associated with a reflex point on the foot.

Reflexes are points on the feet and hands that represent areas of the body. Gentle pressure is applied to these points to balance the body and reduce a number of conditions and problems.

Reflexology is especially good for babies, as they enjoy the calming and relaxing effects. It has been found to be effective for a number of ailments babies can suffer with, including wind, colic, reflux and teething. It can also help babies who have suffered a traumatic birth.

Without the need to actually perform massage on their body, application of gentle pressure is only applied on their feet or hands, it can reduce discomfort and irritability.

Suitable from around 5-6 weeks old, reflexology compliments massage and yoga, and is another wonderful technique to learn to help your baby settle. Plus it’s a lovely activity to do with your baby whilst meeting other parents like yourself.

The beauty of reflexology, it’s easy to learn, quick to apply and doesn’t require the removal of clothes, other than socks and can be done anywhere.

Over the 4 week course, the care giver is taught, in a class format, reflexology techniques on their baby. A bottle of organic massage oil is provided as are detailed weekly notes as well as tea and homemade treat at the end of each class.

Once you have learnt the skills, you can continue to perform the technique well into childhood.

Key benefits of baby reflexology

  • Improves digestive functions
  • Relief of colic, reflux, wind and constipation
  • Relief of teething pain
  • Alleviate sinus problems
  • Calming and relaxing
  • Aids restful sleep
  • Promotes bonding between parent and baby
  • Boosts their immune system
  • Can help and improve and maintain healthy skin
  • Overcome birth trauma